Dairy Queen Logs and Novelties
Monday to Thursday and Sunday: 11am to 12pm   |   Friday - Saturday: 11am to 2am 905-851-6869 4100 Highway #7, Woodbridge,ON, L4L 1A6 
DQ Treatzza Pizza comes in four different flavours to choose from-Skor, Peanut Butter, Strawberry-Banana and Smarties.
DQ Fudge Bar is a fat-free, gluten-free product. They come in a box of 6.
Experience the great combination of DQ soft serve dipped in a luscious chocolate flavored coating. Dilly Bars come in a box of 12.
Experience layer after layer of chocolate fudge, peanuts and DQ soft serve dipped in luscious chocolate flavored coating. Buster Bars come in a box of 6.
Bite into a DQ Sandwich and taste the sensation of cool DQ soft serve nestled between two chocolate wafers. DQ Sandwiches come in a box of 12.
Made with Vanilla Soft Serve, Chocolate Cookie Crunch, Choc. Cold Fudge, Choc. Cone Coating, Choc. Soft Serve. Serves up to 6 people.